Various Career opportunities are available here at Retina Consultants of  Western New York.

As we have positions available we will post the details here.

Currently we are taking applications for the following:

Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist


1.  Initiate documentation of the patient’s chief complaint, history of present illness,

review of systems, and all pertinent ocular findings accurately and in accordance with

compliance guidelines.  Perform testing to include visual acuity measurement, color

vision testing, lensometry, keratometry, testing pupil function, tonometry

confrontation visual fields, evaluations of EOM’s and all other patient services as

requested by the ophthalmologist. Administer topical ophthalmic and oral medications

at the direction of physician.

2.  Triage patient telephone calls.

3. Assist with minor surgery procedures or laser treatments in the office.  If necessary,

assist physician with surgical procedures to include: patient preparation, draping of

surgical site, instrumentation and maintenance of sterile technique. Inventory and

maintain surgical instruments in accordance with OSHA standards. Remove and apply

dressings as directed.

4.  Perform retinoscopy and refractometry.  Assist patients with low vision aids.  Assist

with fitting of contact lenses and instruct patients in care and insertion of lenses.

Assist with accurately measuring optics of eyeglasses and assisting patient with

selection and fitting of eyeglasses, if applicable.

5.  Demonstrate knowledge of JCAHPO standards, assist with training clinical staff to a

positive outcome, and provide hands-on training to ophthalmic medical personnel as

needed.  Educate patients regarding administration of medications, and pre- and post-

operative instructions as directed by physician.

6.  Perform specialized testing such as automated and non-automated perimetry,

advanced ocular motility testing, IOL calculations, ultrasonography, ophthalmic

photography, fluorescein angiograph and advanced color vision testing.  Prepare

specimens for culture and staining. Complete required documentation for specimen


7.  Assist physician in directing daily patient flow. Calibrate and maintain office

equipment in accordance with policies and standards. Troubleshoot ophthalmic

equipment problems and initiate repairs.

8.    Follow all safety procedures as per protocol guidelines.

9.   Work on clinical research projects.

10. Provide clinical staff evaluation and disciplinary action documentation to supervisor

and / or physician as needed, upon request.

11.  Perform other related duties as assigned under guidance of supervisor.

12. Educate patients regarding administration of medications, and pre-and post-operative

instructions as directed by physician.  Complete requests for prescription refills as

authorized by physician with full documentation in patient chart.

13. Perform specialized testing such as automated and non-automated perimetry, ocular

motility testing, ultrasonography, B-scan and ophthalmic photography.

14. Open and close exam lanes daily, ensuring that equipment is cleaned and disinfected

in an appropriate manner, battery powered instruments are seated properly in

recharge wells, slit lamps and projectors are switched off and under covers.  Assist

with maintenance of clinical examination equipment.  Assist with ordering of


15. Scribe for the physician.

16. Inventory and maintain medications and medical supplies.


1.    New technicians are to be successfully trained in 9 months, and pass the exam

within 12 months of the date of hire.

2.    Effectively and efficiently screen patients within a 20 minutes time frame.

3.    Procedure logs are to be reconciled on a daily basis.

4.    All encounters and chart notes are to be completed and signed off on by the

physician at the end of the clinic day.

5.    Ensure all letters to referring physicians are sent by the next clinic day.

6.    Ensure that exam rooms and trays are prepared for the next clinic day.

7.    Receive certifications or work to next level certification.

8.    Work towards being crossed trained in all areas as a technician.

9.    Awareness of the operation and maintenance of equipment utilized.


1.    Effective and efficient screening of patients. Follows the same script when screening

manually as in EMR, obtains all required medical data in concise and complete

manner.  Completes process in a timely manner beginning with patients arrival time.

2.    Assists physicians with procedures.  Prepare room and tray for procedures.

3.    Performs OCT’s and FA’s.

4.    Accurate and detailed patient chart notes and reports.

5.    Performs as a scribe in an accurate and quality manner.

6.    Completes drafts or changes to documentation in an accurate manner.

7.    Completes required procedure logs timely and accurately.

8    Reviews encounter forms with physician to ensure accurate billing.

9.   Performs end of day close procedure to account for all key equipment.

10.   Ensure equipment is in good working order or notifies key personnel if not.

11.   Cleans all rooms at end of day and prepare for next day.

12.   Stock all rooms and order required supplies.

13.   Able to perform all procedures regardless of equipment or location.


14.   Assist or train staff on equipment in a timely and quality manner.

15.   Able to communicate information with the patient in a clear and sensitive manner.

16.   Educating patients through use of office brochures and pamphlets.

17.   Treats all patients with dignity, respect and a pleasant attitude.

18.   Consistency in patient care.

19.   Compliance with HIPAA regulations. 


Education and Experience:  A business degree or equivalent, knowledge of account, data and administrative management practices and procedures, knowledge of clerical practices and procedures, knowledge of human resources management practices and procedures, knowledge of business and management principles, computer skills and knowledge of office software packages. 

Knowledge, skills and experience:  Outstanding interpersonal skills, as well as, neat and professional appearance mandatory.  Excellent communication skills and ability to analyze and assess problems.  Other key competencies:  Decision making, planning and organizing, work and time management, attention to detail and high level of accuracy, delegation of authority and responsibility, information gathering and monitoring, coaching skills, initiative, integrity, stress tolerance, adaptability, teamwork and collaboration.

Degree of supervision (i.e., direct, indirect):  Position requires a great deal of initiative and the flexibility to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.  Employee must be extremely discreet to maintain confidentiality.  Given the level of training and experience required in this position, the employee will be expected to work well independently with minimal supervision.  The employee has responsibility for independently planning, designing and carrying out projects and assignments.

Physical demands and/or other special requirements:  Good hearing and visual acuity are required.  Involves frequent personal and telephone contact with patients and vendors.  May be stressful at times.  Interaction is constant and interruptive.  Maybe required to stand for long periods of time.  Must be able to move about the medical complex freely.


Send Resumes to:

Jerry Maciejewski

6637 Main Street

Williamsville, NY 14221



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